Can we end this tradition of time changing twice a year, please?

Coming up this next weekend a miracle of science happens, we humans adjust our clocks one hour forward and achieve an extra hour of sunlight that we saved from the morning before, brilliant. Ugh! I absolutely hate Daylight Saving Time (DST), or actually changing our clocks twice a year. I don’t care if you want standard time (that name itself is a joke because we are on ‘standard’ time only about 4.5 months out of 12), or if you want DST. Please just pick and stick with it. There isn’t any compelling evidence for changing the clock. People think it is for the farmers, but that notion is ridiculous. The farmers go by the sun and needs of their live stock. Do you think the pigs know what time your clock says? I personally fight for a few weeks to get adjusted to my new schedule; I am an insomniac if things are not right. For me, it is dreadful. There more cases where people make compelling arguments about the leap forward. Heart attack rates increase right after the leap forward along with automobile fatalities. Here is a quote from a nice article about what the cost od DST is:

“One such effort, the Chmura Economics & Analytics study entitled Estimating the Economic Loss of Daylight Saving Time for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas, suggests daylight time costs the United States about $434 million per year, based on 2010 population figures.”

$437 million per year, that is an absurd amount of money. The entertainment industries like golf and amusement parks want the daylight in the evening. Me, I don’t mind sunlight when I am commuting in the morning. I do mind that adjusting the clock thrusts the sun directly into my eyes TWICE each spring and fall for this adjusting of clocks. I say we split the difference. This spring, let’s Spring Ahead 1/2 of an hour. Then, leave it alone forever!

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