Blog Week 9

Today is officially St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone I know celebrated last Saturday. I was in Belle Plaine enjoying their annual parade and festivities. I like to go down there because it is near where I grew up. Even though the town has grown since I was living in the area, it is very much still a small town. The streets are cordoned off and drinking in the street is permitted; I don’t think I saw the inside of any place because of the crowds. Luckily I know people that still there and I spent time in people’s front yards. I, myself am not Irish, nor Catholic. I just enjoy the event. Great food, I’ll be going for another round of corned beef and cabbage later today here in Shakopee.

In other news, we are half-way through the semester having come off of Spring Break. I actually started to do some serious job-searching. It is difficult to really match skills with job postings. I have a lot of experience, just not with my education. I have submitted applications which end up with employment agencies. The hours and pay are not ideal, but I am considering one to get my foot in the door for future job opportunities. With only 8 weeks until the semester ends and completion of my degree, this is a must. I admit I have enjoyed my break from serious work and going to school. Especially with the economy the past few years, I think the timing of me entering a new career will work well.

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