I am feeling this grip of procrastination mixed with some anxiety. Spring Break felt like a nice refresher, but I am somewhat demotivated. I have an actually pretty easy schedule this week, with the exception of needing to start a huge paper, but I just can’t get back into school mode. It is not really different than any other semester, everything starts getting hectic towards the end of the semester; the finality seems to change my feelings a bit. I will have a Bachelor’s degree, which is amazing to me, but I still do not know how I will get the best use of it. Four years of college and now I am going to be moving on. As much as I would enjoy taking more classes, I think it is time to be done. not that I won’t pursue further education, but it will be in accompaniment to wherever I find a job.

One thought on “Senioritis

  1. Spring Break is always a tough one for me too. It is a long needed break but then you get out of the routine and it is tough to get back into it. It also seems like the weather is nicer that week and it really makes you want to be outside. I just keep remembering that the semester is almost over and then we get a wonderful break, that is if your not taking summer classes. I graduate this semester and am so excited, I considered going back for my masters but I think I’ll wait a few years on that. Good luck on the remaining semester!


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