Spring Cleaning!

Convinced that we warm weather bound for the immediate future, I have decided to do some of what most people call Spring Cleaning. I have a few Springs’ worth of stuff to clean out.  Funny though, I was looking for images to post for this week’s blog and there was not one with a man Spring Cleaning. As a man I am insulted that society still sees us as unable to household chores. I know, I am making the wrong assumption; most likely the stereotype that is held is that women stay at home and men are at work. Oh well, I have too much to do to worry about male privilege today, that’s another class’s subject matter. I began this morning because I wanted to pack away my warm clothing and jackets. I am on my 8th year living in my apartment, so I have accumulated many things that I did not realize. I have two large closets in bedroom and I was able to consolidate most everything tint one closet. This allowed me to move another closet’s stuff into my bedroom’s closet. All the while throwing  anything I questioned keeping in a pile. I have made a bag of clothes for goodwill. I threw out many manuals and instruction books for items I don’t even own anymore. Now I have a mess of odd wires and such I need to sort out. That was just my closets and possessions. I need to get some things put away into my newly emptied living room closet to free up kitchen space. Just blogging now to take a break actually. I think this has been a good day. As my academic career nears its close and I search to begin a new career, I need to make room for my new things to accumulate like the text books I have kept, notebooks and folders, my back pack, and other items that have been my tools for school.

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