Week 12 – What?

I am aware of the date each passing day and where I need to be in my schedule, but, suddenly I did the math. This is the final slide of the semester. Really 4 weeks and its all over. Time is flying and this time it is most likely my last class at SMSU. Two of my classes are going to end quite  uneventfully. They are Diversity Management and Personal Finance. Diversity Management was a bit of a challenge at first, I am sure my posts from early in the semester support this. I started out a D average on the first assignment. The assignments are basically a two-page single spaced start of a discussion using the material, then 6 days of follow up posts with outside referencing. The two week cycle actually created a rhythm for me with the class and I have received 100% on every assignment since and I expect an A – wow, this was my most terrifying class to begin with and now I feel I was able to domesticate it. Personal Finance is nice class; it is like an extension of Managerial Finance – for us Business Majors. If you need an elective and you liked Managerial Finance, FIN-365 is definitely one to take. This LEP and my Business Policy are all that is left. Business Policy is fine, it has a pattern I got used to; there just remains the final 8 page paper that I need to work on. This LEP actually challenges me the most. I am having trouble coming up with my final project. This blog has been interesting, it is sort of my personal journal that the entire universe can read.

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