Week 13

Had a bit of a scare last night. My mother had been feeling sick all day and finally I brought her into the ER because of the dangers of dehydration and my mother is 65 years old. I thought it was the flu, I know few people with it. She was kept for almost 4 hours while they did tests. A CAT scan revealed a bowel obstruction. and they have kept her over night. Now I wait to hear from her. I called the hospital earlier but there was no answer in the room.  If it were not for this, I would be at a loss to do a post yet for this week.

There must be some uptick in registrations for summer classes this last week. I shipped three text books today that I had listed on Amazon. If you don’t like the price the bookstore offers, try Amazon. They are much better for giving credit on textbook trade-ins. Otherwise, just start a seller account and list your books. You may not get the cash immediately like the book store, but you get so much more in return.

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