Final Semester Blog

Well, it has been an interesting semester. Maybe it is just me, but this last semester went by the fastest. I am getting behind and it is not a good thing. My new job has been quite a learning experience. I mean it was a week of just processing new things. I could hardly even muster a thought or even read an assignment by Wednesday. Yesterday was bit better as things normalized in a sense. Still, after 8 hours at  a desk, I cannot find myself motivated to sit down at my desk and do school work. All this along with my mother in the hospital for a week and a half has made the semester’s end challenging.  Hopefully the weather can stay nice this weekend and I’ll take my books and laptop to a park. One final assignment in personal finance and the final next week. I need to play catch-up for the final week’s discussion; I’m starting it late but I couldn’t focus on my reading this week. Business Policy is just the final paper. This is my final semester blog for LEP-400; I do not know how I will go forward with this. I like some aspects, but just posting my journal to the world for no real reason seems weird. I think I will try and develop a hobby blog; something others share an interest in and I can read their blogs. Well, goodbye semester blog, I cannot say for sure if it will live on or just become another piece of my education’s history. Well, enough of these goodbyes, I have work to do.

One thought on “Final Semester Blog

  1. Hang in there! I know how you feel. I am a little behind myself! Business Policy paper is getting me down and giving me a headache. Hopefully I can rock it out this week! Good luck!


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