Spring Cleaning!

Convinced that we warm weather bound for the immediate future, I have decided to do some of what most people call Spring Cleaning. I have a few Springs’ worth of stuff to clean out.  Funny though, I was looking for images to post for this week’s blog and there was not one with a man Spring Cleaning. As a man I am insulted that society still sees us as unable to household chores. I know, I am making the wrong assumption; most likely the stereotype that is held is that women stay at home and men are at work. Oh well, I have too much to do to worry about male privilege today, that’s another class’s subject matter. I began this morning because I wanted to pack away my warm clothing and jackets. I am on my 8th year living in my apartment, so I have accumulated many things that I did not realize. I have two large closets in bedroom and I was able to consolidate most everything tint one closet. This allowed me to move another closet’s stuff into my bedroom’s closet. All the while throwing  anything I questioned keeping in a pile. I have made a bag of clothes for goodwill. I threw out many manuals and instruction books for items I don’t even own anymore. Now I have a mess of odd wires and such I need to sort out. That was just my closets and possessions. I need to get some things put away into my newly emptied living room closet to free up kitchen space. Just blogging now to take a break actually. I think this has been a good day. As my academic career nears its close and I search to begin a new career, I need to make room for my new things to accumulate like the text books I have kept, notebooks and folders, my back pack, and other items that have been my tools for school.

Week 10 Post 2

As much as I have enjoyed returning to school and getting my degree, I can say that I am ready to move on. I am on a collision course for the end of the semester and almost everything I work on involves writing. Well, a lot of reading, then the writing. I now need to ask myself how I want to move forward. I am looking for a job, and I have a few nice prospects. I have felt that I would still be going to school. Maybe a MBA or an accounting associate’s degree to go on and become a CPA. Even as have more on my mind, I cannot think of anything more to add to my online self here. I am still trying to find out how I am to do the final assignment. Nothing a little academic pressure can’t fix, LOL.

Week 10

This was an interesting start of the week. I don’t know about my fellow SMSU students, but here in Shakopee we received a nice layer of snow last Sunday to honor the start of Spring. Fortunately this snow has been melting all day.It’s not like I dislike winter, but I do like the changing of the season. I will certainly be tired of heat and humidity by September and would welcome a quick snow storm for relief.

I am still a bit sluggish on getting back on track this semester. Job searching doesn’t help. I have had to go on a few interviews, Including one yester day, today, and a second interview tomorrow. I feel good about getting a job, but I can’t lose focus on finishing my Spring classes, more so passing them all and completing my degree. I imagine I will begin my a new job before semester’s end. I just need to keep this thing rolling.


I am feeling this grip of procrastination mixed with some anxiety. Spring Break felt like a nice refresher, but I am somewhat demotivated. I have an actually pretty easy schedule this week, with the exception of needing to start a huge paper, but I just can’t get back into school mode. It is not really different than any other semester, everything starts getting hectic towards the end of the semester; the finality seems to change my feelings a bit. I will have a Bachelor’s degree, which is amazing to me, but I still do not know how I will get the best use of it. Four years of college and now I am going to be moving on. As much as I would enjoy taking more classes, I think it is time to be done. not that I won’t pursue further education, but it will be in accompaniment to wherever I find a job.

Blog Week 9

Today is officially St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone I know celebrated last Saturday. I was in Belle Plaine enjoying their annual parade and festivities. I like to go down there because it is near where I grew up. Even though the town has grown since I was living in the area, it is very much still a small town. The streets are cordoned off and drinking in the street is permitted; I don’t think I saw the inside of any place because of the crowds. Luckily I know people that still there and I spent time in people’s front yards. I, myself am not Irish, nor Catholic. I just enjoy the event. Great food, I’ll be going for another round of corned beef and cabbage later today here in Shakopee.

In other news, we are half-way through the semester having come off of Spring Break. I actually started to do some serious job-searching. It is difficult to really match skills with job postings. I have a lot of experience, just not with my education. I have submitted applications which end up with employment agencies. The hours and pay are not ideal, but I am considering one to get my foot in the door for future job opportunities. With only 8 weeks until the semester ends and completion of my degree, this is a must. I admit I have enjoyed my break from serious work and going to school. Especially with the economy the past few years, I think the timing of me entering a new career will work well.

Can we end this tradition of time changing twice a year, please?

Coming up this next weekend a miracle of science happens, we humans adjust our clocks one hour forward and achieve an extra hour of sunlight that we saved from the morning before, brilliant. Ugh! I absolutely hate Daylight Saving Time (DST), or actually changing our clocks twice a year. I don’t care if you want standard time (that name itself is a joke because we are on ‘standard’ time only about 4.5 months out of 12), or if you want DST. Please just pick and stick with it. There isn’t any compelling evidence for changing the clock. People think it is for the farmers, but that notion is ridiculous. The farmers go by the sun and needs of their live stock. Do you think the pigs know what time your clock says? I personally fight for a few weeks to get adjusted to my new schedule; I am an insomniac if things are not right. For me, it is dreadful. There more cases where people make compelling arguments about the leap forward. Heart attack rates increase right after the leap forward along with automobile fatalities. Here is a quote from a nice article about what the cost od DST is:

“One such effort, the Chmura Economics & Analytics study entitled Estimating the Economic Loss of Daylight Saving Time for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas, suggests daylight time costs the United States about $434 million per year, based on 2010 population figures.”

$437 million per year, that is an absurd amount of money. The entertainment industries like golf and amusement parks want the daylight in the evening. Me, I don’t mind sunlight when I am commuting in the morning. I do mind that adjusting the clock thrusts the sun directly into my eyes TWICE each spring and fall for this adjusting of clocks. I say we split the difference. This spring, let’s Spring Ahead 1/2 of an hour. Then, leave it alone forever!


Are You Kidding Me?

Ok, I need to express this utter injustice. I am from the MTV generation. I loved Beavis and Butthead, I loved Yo’ MTV Raps and Head Banger’s ball. I would expect that since MTV hasn’t played a music video in long time they would be playing some ‘current’ entertainment. KI am scrolling through my cable guide and I hit MTV. They are playing a movie at 1:00 a.m., yeah, I know, to not to expect any music videos on MTV (it used to stand for Music Television), but they are play playing Project X. Yeah, you may expect this cutting edge youth movie released in 2012. No, it is a tired old movie released in 1987 that ANY cable could air I presume. A tragic story implied, yes, MTV, Oh my F bleeping God! I used to look forward to Head Bangers Ball at this time and see some music videos. Instead, this network that inspired a generation, has gone to showing movies I could check out at my local library. This is horrible and I need to convey this atrocity. MTV WTF? Not even the ability to play current music videos after midnight is terrible. I did like Project X, but that was back when that movie was fresh to VHS and MTV would never consider airing it!