Blog Week 7

I must say things are back on track. My late assignment in Diversity Management was accepted and I was given full credit. The class is actually not difficult, it just requires a lot of reading and writing; well, it is a college course, but don’t avoid it if you need an elective, it is actually pretty interesting. I am feeling the mid-term lull coming on as different projects are going to be underway and Spring Break is approaching. This week my group in Business Policy is working on our group project. I a have a nice set of members, everyone is contributing well and I believe we are ahead of the curve. This LEP class is challenging me because I have no real interest in having an online identity. The discussions seem to focus on things that make me feel out of touch with our youth I can’t relate at times. My Personal Finance class is pretty neat. I wish had the class 20 years ago.

I have started my job search this week. I spent much of yesterday scrolling through job listings, then something occurred to me, I don’t want a commute. Well, nothing to far or too long. I live in Shakopee, and there are many businesses. I suspect many are hiring that I will never know about. I drove around the industrial parks yesterday. I decided I am first going to identify as many business in my area and visit their web sites. I also am looking at state and local government sites. Then I will apply starting close to home and then going outward. My previous work experience was in manufacturing and the shifts were usually aligned with non-rush hour, hours. Frist shift would start at 6:00 a.m., the roads are quite bare. Commuting to DCTC in Rosemount, I often had to go during rush hour. 169 north out of Shakopee is a night mare and when it snowed, the on ramps back up. Just leaving Shakopee is unpleasant, then you have the actual commute.


So last week I thought I was seeing the light and on my way to a successful semester. Diversity management, the class I started out not doing well with has been given another setback at my fault. I missed a drop box. I remember writing the paper, and I even remember going to the drop-box, but I guess it never uploaded and I never noticed. I emailed my professor and attached the file for some appeal. The properties of the document are unchanged since the due-date, but , I did not adhere to policy. Now I am freaked out and cannot think about the rest of the assignments I had scheduled for today, including this one. I did not have much to post about anyway, but just squandered a ton of points.

Up until about 20 minutes ago I was real up-beat, now feel a set-back. If anything changes (like some partial credit), I will update.

Blog -Week 5

I am not at panic attack, I just could not find a photo I like for the week that fits my mood. Mid-week through the fifth week of the semester. Deadlines are coming fast. I have slipped on my job search and that adds some stress. I honestly would rather hit the lottery than re-enter the workforce. I look each day at postings, but I really need to put resumes to job adds this next week. Then I will at least have something to post to meet my two-a-week post requirement to get to 15 posts for the semester. This LEP class is not too bad, but I am struggling to add to the discussions because I do not enjoy social media. I am challenged and that is not a bad thing. I have a Personal Finance class that is settling in quite well. If you need an elective at SMSU, take FIN 365. It is similar to Managerial Finance but focuses on your own finances. Something I wish I had taken 20 years ago. My Diversity Management class is still quite challenging. It takes a lot of critical thinking. My other class is the Business Policy course for my major. I was a bit intimidated by it at first, but it has a nice set up. I admit, the weekly quizzes are the toughest so far. They are timed and you need to know the material well enough to apply it to the questions. We have been given the first group assignment. I am pretty excited, my group seems like we will have no problems with the work. For me it adds another deadline, we are evaluated for our work and I don’t want to be caught social loafing, LOL.

Blog – Week Four

This week is a little less structured for me. I hosted s Superbowl party Sunday and I have been feeling real behind up until this point. I am up-to-date on my school work and that feels great. Diversity management has become, well, manageable. Another class we have group projects and my group is already formed and starting to work on the material. My personal finance lass runs the assignments in two0week periods, so that has become real easy to balance.

I am deviating a little today to post my post-Superbowl finish up. I have done all my cleaning, but I have still have a bunch of left-overs. I had carved a ham for sandwiches and prepared a lot of vegetables along with wings and chips and such. The ham bone will go into a pea-soup I will make later. I still have a ton of veggies too. One thing I have been doing for a while now is saving all the stuff that gets discarded when prepping vegetables, celery stalk ends, carrot ends, broccoli stalks, etc… Also, any vegetables that may be getting old, even spinach and lettuce, I will reuse. Wash all you veggies and discards and put them in a large enough pot to hold all of the veggies. Then fill the pot just above the vegetables with water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for at least 2 hours. Then strain the vegetable matter off and you are left with a simple home-made vegetable stock.

I will use that vegetable water in place of the water I am going to need make my pea-soup to add a vitamin boost. I always make a large batch at a time and freeze extra stock. I use the vegetable stock in place of water for making dried beans, whole-grain rice, pasta, chili, chicken soup, if it takes water and you can use vegetable broth instead.  Make a mild broth and boil the kids’ mac-n-cheese with it making a vitamin infused meal.

I don’t make a point to make a specific vegetable, but you can to suit your tastes. For me it is more of a utility, I hate throwing out food and veggies don’t always stay real fresh for a long time. Don’t worry , you don’t need to gather many to make a few cups of vegetable stock. You can throw mushrooms in too!

Blog – Week Three

I just set an Image, hopefully it will be there at the end of this post. The picture is one of a crazy nebula nicknamed the Pillars of Creation. One of my favorite images from the Hubble telescope. Sadly, I learned this weekend, this nebular was pretty much destroyed 6,000 years ago and we won’t see the results for about 1,000 years. I thought I would share this cool image and the link to the blog I found.

On that note, back to academia. This week has settled in quite well. I was set in my work schedule and learned I have less pressure this week. My Diversity Management class which started out full-throttle actually will be ok. We will have about a week between each topic; I did not notice that and am way ahead on completing the assignment. I did my Personal Financing homework ready to upload Sunday to only find out it is not due for another week. I will have a chance to review my work and get an early start for next week. This LEP class still has me thinking a bit. I really am reaching to get my thoughts on this blog and social networking questions; I am kind of a private person anyway, so splashing everything I feel for the whole internet to see is a bit daunting. I actually have not started this week’s work for it yet. Finally, my Business Policy class, that does not seem too bad yet. There will be a couple of group projects and a solo paper of eight pages, so that will be challenging. The weekly reading and research is not bad and the discussions aren’t too demanding.

On the job front, I am seeing more postings of work I would like to do near where I live (I really don’t want a long commute into the cities). I have a list of about a dozen I am going to research a little more today and get a few resumes and cover letters started. Hopefully I have some substantial work done soon to get a second blog post this week.

Well, that’s it for today. Please give your respects for the Eagle Nebula, which is nicknamed the Pillars of Creation, I do not think I mentioned the actual name earlier.

Today’s Post by Neil

Well, it is midway through the second week of my final semester at SMSU. Even with online classes, I have a period where I need to adjust to my classes’ requirements. New Professors and new material, I am never comfortable with my schedule. Even today I am working on things for all my classes, one them requires a discussion post with alternative research every weekday. We were scolded last Wednesday because no posts had been made by Monday, but even I was confused by the syllabus. Basically we were to have to acquaint ourselves with the class, read Chapter one of the text, another article in our 2nd book for the class, watch two video clips, and read two attachments on D2L about that week’s topic and then have a two-page single-spaced paper written and posted to the discussion forum by Monday, the first day of the semester. That was with no regard for the students who take more than one class. Never the less, my fist chapter’s assignment for discussion points will be a ‘C’ at best. Fortunately these discussion periods are about 11 days, so I should be able to do my initial post on-time for the next chapter, which is due Friday.

Unfortunately I am not current in my job search because of my school pressures. Fortunately I anticipated this and my official date to commit to one job application a day comes February 9. I still am watching the ads, just not as much this week. I have not applied anywhere this week. I however, have been told by three companies so far this semester that I did not meet their qualifications for experience. What frustrates me is the companies don’t have their own universities nor training programs, nobody starts a new job knowing the job 100%. When I was laid off 5 years ago, I could not get a job because I did not have a degree. I do not want to return manufacturing as a supervisor, but it seems I will end up there not needing this degree apparently – sorry, just venting.

I am guessing this will be how my posts will be, an expression of what I am doing this semester.

My Blog

I have decided to just write about my experiences with my final semester at SMSU and doing my job search. Though I have written articles for a blog, I know nothing really about blogging. This will be good opportunity for me to learn something new I would not have tried otherwise.