Final Semester Blog

Well, it has been an interesting semester. Maybe it is just me, but this last semester went by the fastest. I am getting behind and it is not a good thing. My new job has been quite a learning experience. I mean it was a week of just processing new things. I could hardly even muster a thought or even read an assignment by Wednesday. Yesterday was bit better as things normalized in a sense. Still, after 8 hours at  a desk, I cannot find myself motivated to sit down at my desk and do school work. All this along with my mother in the hospital for a week and a half has made the semester’s end challenging.  Hopefully the weather can stay nice this weekend and I’ll take my books and laptop to a park. One final assignment in personal finance and the final next week. I need to play catch-up for the final week’s discussion; I’m starting it late but I couldn’t focus on my reading this week. Business Policy is just the final paper. This is my final semester blog for LEP-400; I do not know how I will go forward with this. I like some aspects, but just posting my journal to the world for no real reason seems weird. I think I will try and develop a hobby blog; something others share an interest in and I can read their blogs. Well, goodbye semester blog, I cannot say for sure if it will live on or just become another piece of my education’s history. Well, enough of these goodbyes, I have work to do.

Week 14

It’s been a stressful week. My mother had surgery last Friday. I started my new Job Monday. It is the end of the semester with many things going on. Somehow I feel I got off the timing of these weeks. Was week 14 last week? Well, I see updates are still being done for projects. I will look at the discussion pages next. I have been flooded with a lot new information in my training. I think am doing well, but it makes it difficult to concentrate on class. I am able to leave early today so may take my mother home. I am typing this in her room now. It has been a nice semester and I will miss taking classes. Perhaps there is more education to be had. I look forward to re-evaluating everything and see where I want to be.

Week 13 – Post 2

My mother is still in the hospital. She will be speaking with a surgeon today if nothing improves. I hope her digestion can start up without surgery. I will know more later, but I will not be able to blog about it time to get my assignments done. It’s a bit stressful.

Closing out class requirements, I can feel the end of the semester closing in fast. One final paper, one final exam, and an easy discussion week ends the other three classes of mine. This LEP actually leaves me with the most work to do yet. I see many discussions and projects have been done ahead of time, and I may have been able to do that. I wanted to keep the integrity of the blog as far as keeping it in a real time of sorts. This really is the 13th week of school and I typing it as I experience the semester.

Week 13

Had a bit of a scare last night. My mother had been feeling sick all day and finally I brought her into the ER because of the dangers of dehydration and my mother is 65 years old. I thought it was the flu, I know few people with it. She was kept for almost 4 hours while they did tests. A CAT scan revealed a bowel obstruction. and they have kept her over night. Now I wait to hear from her. I called the hospital earlier but there was no answer in the room.  If it were not for this, I would be at a loss to do a post yet for this week.

There must be some uptick in registrations for summer classes this last week. I shipped three text books today that I had listed on Amazon. If you don’t like the price the bookstore offers, try Amazon. They are much better for giving credit on textbook trade-ins. Otherwise, just start a seller account and list your books. You may not get the cash immediately like the book store, but you get so much more in return.

Week 12 – What?

I am aware of the date each passing day and where I need to be in my schedule, but, suddenly I did the math. This is the final slide of the semester. Really 4 weeks and its all over. Time is flying and this time it is most likely my last class at SMSU. Two of my classes are going to end quite  uneventfully. They are Diversity Management and Personal Finance. Diversity Management was a bit of a challenge at first, I am sure my posts from early in the semester support this. I started out a D average on the first assignment. The assignments are basically a two-page single spaced start of a discussion using the material, then 6 days of follow up posts with outside referencing. The two week cycle actually created a rhythm for me with the class and I have received 100% on every assignment since and I expect an A – wow, this was my most terrifying class to begin with and now I feel I was able to domesticate it. Personal Finance is nice class; it is like an extension of Managerial Finance – for us Business Majors. If you need an elective and you liked Managerial Finance, FIN-365 is definitely one to take. This LEP and my Business Policy are all that is left. Business Policy is fine, it has a pattern I got used to; there just remains the final 8 page paper that I need to work on. This LEP actually challenges me the most. I am having trouble coming up with my final project. This blog has been interesting, it is sort of my personal journal that the entire universe can read.

Week 12

Ok, after a week of let downs I have a job offer. It is just an entry level position, but it is near where I live. I just got the phone call a few minutes ago. I wasn’t even planning a blog post for today. It is a relief, I have been underemployed for about 5 years now. School has been nice, but cash income is nice too. My classes are shaping up nicely, hopefully the end of the semester will transition nicely with the start of a new job. I had my senior examination for SMSU yesterday, it was not easy. Things I haven’t used like economics and statistics were on there. Also some things from IT management, an elective I did not take, that I did not see in any other courses. It is a credit or no credit, but I would like to get that done with a pass.

Losing the battle

We are in the last fourth of the semester and I am really stressed. I cannot get a job. I have been a few interviews, and I am not what anyone wants to hire apparently. I have years of great work experience, I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree, but I don’t have anywhere to start my new career. I can’t even get the worst job on the worst set of shifts at a call center, and they claimed to be hiring a lot of people. Now, the employment agency has moved on from me. I was given a new point of contact already. Now I have absolutely no motivation to do class work, like this blog.

Spring Cleaning!

Convinced that we warm weather bound for the immediate future, I have decided to do some of what most people call Spring Cleaning. I have a few Springs’ worth of stuff to clean out.  Funny though, I was looking for images to post for this week’s blog and there was not one with a man Spring Cleaning. As a man I am insulted that society still sees us as unable to household chores. I know, I am making the wrong assumption; most likely the stereotype that is held is that women stay at home and men are at work. Oh well, I have too much to do to worry about male privilege today, that’s another class’s subject matter. I began this morning because I wanted to pack away my warm clothing and jackets. I am on my 8th year living in my apartment, so I have accumulated many things that I did not realize. I have two large closets in bedroom and I was able to consolidate most everything tint one closet. This allowed me to move another closet’s stuff into my bedroom’s closet. All the while throwing  anything I questioned keeping in a pile. I have made a bag of clothes for goodwill. I threw out many manuals and instruction books for items I don’t even own anymore. Now I have a mess of odd wires and such I need to sort out. That was just my closets and possessions. I need to get some things put away into my newly emptied living room closet to free up kitchen space. Just blogging now to take a break actually. I think this has been a good day. As my academic career nears its close and I search to begin a new career, I need to make room for my new things to accumulate like the text books I have kept, notebooks and folders, my back pack, and other items that have been my tools for school.

Week 10 Post 2

As much as I have enjoyed returning to school and getting my degree, I can say that I am ready to move on. I am on a collision course for the end of the semester and almost everything I work on involves writing. Well, a lot of reading, then the writing. I now need to ask myself how I want to move forward. I am looking for a job, and I have a few nice prospects. I have felt that I would still be going to school. Maybe a MBA or an accounting associate’s degree to go on and become a CPA. Even as have more on my mind, I cannot think of anything more to add to my online self here. I am still trying to find out how I am to do the final assignment. Nothing a little academic pressure can’t fix, LOL.

Week 10

This was an interesting start of the week. I don’t know about my fellow SMSU students, but here in Shakopee we received a nice layer of snow last Sunday to honor the start of Spring. Fortunately this snow has been melting all day.It’s not like I dislike winter, but I do like the changing of the season. I will certainly be tired of heat and humidity by September and would welcome a quick snow storm for relief.

I am still a bit sluggish on getting back on track this semester. Job searching doesn’t help. I have had to go on a few interviews, Including one yester day, today, and a second interview tomorrow. I feel good about getting a job, but I can’t lose focus on finishing my Spring classes, more so passing them all and completing my degree. I imagine I will begin my a new job before semester’s end. I just need to keep this thing rolling.